Saturday, May 30, 2015

StyleArc Fern Top - Phase I

This muslin turned out "okay" but it may not be my most favorite pattern to date. I did not find it as intuitive as I would like...or it was just one of those mentally impatient sewing days. 

 It's a nice cool cotton. Perfect for the summer. 
Here is the print up close. Fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.

We had this weird heat spell in early Spring...then it felt like late Winter all over again...and now it's back to Spring at a comfortable, but windy 73 degrees today. I'm starting to wear my summer clothes but not without my wool socks and a sweater. I haven't put away my hats and scarves, and the evening chills has itched my fingers to knit again. Knitting in June? 

The only thing that's not getting used this year are my rain gear. I'll not complain too much except for lack of water. As far as I'm concerned, a mild Summer means we can all save a pint or two of water without our gardens drying up too quickly. Global warming might one day turn California into the tropics. Will that mean black rain and flooding in June and July coupled with humidity? Wouldn't that just change everything in my closet? Or worse...we will become the Mojave Desert. Even without the draught, we have never been a lush state. With the exception of our Northern California...we are a state of more desert than green.

Four new StyleArc patterns in the mail today. The top left was FREE with my order.
It is a raglan sleeved tunic.  My two favorite styles together!
Of all my paper patterns, I pay the most money for StyleArc. I don't mind waiting for them to arrive from Australia. Because I like their single, thick sheet of pattern paper folded into a decent A4ish size paper package. I detest tissue paper. I also detest taping patterns together more. I abhor taping patterns together, and then having to add seam allowances. As much as I like looking at Burda Patterns...I don't download many, nor have I transferred a single pattern from one of those magazine. The Japanese pattern books at least have seam least I think so. 

Happy sewing!