Friday, March 13, 2015

Knitted Six-Point Tee - A Not-So-Spring Sweater

This was a super easy and very well-written knit pattern by Cathy Carron. I read from another reviewer on Ravelry that it only took her three days to complete the project. I'm a slow knitter, so it took me closer to two weeks. This was also my first top-down knit sweater. Surprisingly, I didn't make any mistakes! I was attracted to this pattern because I'm going through a Raglan sleeve phase. I also thought this design had a bit of Asian flare.

If you are interested in the pattern, you can get it HERE on Ravelry. I used the exact same yarn that the author recommended. It's a bulky cotton Rowan Yarn which might be discontinued now. I ordered my supply from an online store in the UK called Deramones. I don't know if I can wear this in a California Spring. The weight of the sweater felt suffocating. Even though I really love the design, I dislike wearing the yarn. I might make it again using wool.

I considered making a matching skirt, but gave up the idea because the only style I felt would work was some sort of ballerina-esque, gathered full skirt in light cotton. Wouldn't that look just fabulous? Except for one thing...I look horrible in gathered, pleated, or dirndl skirts. They all make me look 20 pounds heavier. So for now, it's going to sit indefinitely on my sweater shelf. Sigh.

Here are photos of the sweater in Interweave's Knit Wear, where the original pattern was published. The little eyelets on my sweater were smaller. I think my tension ended up tighter even though I tested the gauge beforehand. Don't you think the sample sweater looks much lighter?

Happy knitting!