Monday, September 15, 2014

Wimberry Update and Craft Supplies

My Wimberry vest by Louisa Harding is almost at its halfway point.  Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon since I'm about to start the shoulder and collar shaping.  I've been utilizing the life-line yarn at every new section, and I'm glad I did.  I had to unravel my work once,  but without losing a bulk of good stitches.  One of my G+ members from the East Bay gave me this great hint.  (Thanks Solonge!)  The back is knitted exactly like the front, so I'll be able to choose between the better looking half for the front of the sweater.  (If you look closely at the bottom of the lace, I've knitted a pink stitch marker right into the pattern.  I'll have to remember to break that off before I wear the vest. Oops!)  

This weekend, I was on the hunt for an outdoor grilling tool at my local Japanese market...which also happens to be right next door to our local Daiso store.  So of course, I had to go there too.  Daiso is a Japanese dollar store filled with little no-name home goods, and stationery supplies. They also have some unexpected items like craft and sewing supplies.  Besides picking up my usual supply of notebooks, I also found lingerie elastic, lace-trimmed cotton webbing, and a pack of cut felt in various shades of pink...all for $1.50 each.  

Daiso also has a small section of knitting supplies.  My current project needs to hold more stitches than my little Hiya Hiya holders can accommodate. So what should I find at Daiso for $1.50? Two large metal stitch holders. Love them.

If you live in California or Washington and haven't shopped at a Daiso, get over there!  Find Daiso Store locations by continent HERE.  Happy knitting!