Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall into Winter Knitting Wishlist

If you didn't know already, jewel tones are in fashion this Fall and Holiday season, which includes luxurious furs dyed in these same colors.  Louisa Harding Luzia yarn, which is 80 percent viscose and 20 percent nylon knits into fur. I am completely fascinated by this yarn. But I really want to know how this feels on my skin. I'm not a lover of synthetics. Fellow knitters, please chime in!!!

I was thinking of making one of these shrugs for this year's holiday party.  If anyone else decides to make the above shrug, I found an errata for it on Ravelry.com. You can find the errata from Louisa Harding herself HERE.

I have been squandering my last couple of mornings looking at online knitting patterns, and drooling over these latest designs. What is it about those UK designers that I love so much? Louisa Harding patterns depict the many faces of romance. It's difficult to describe until you look at her patterns. Do a Google search, and you'll know what I mean or maybe you're already a fan, and in that case, please feel free to answer my most important question...how difficult are those patterns? They look too fancy to be easy. Even though I'm tackling my first LH pattern, I have many on my wishlist that scare me.

Like I mentioned...look at the fur and trim colors on the runway. Since I'm primarily a sewists, I am seriously thinking of knitting my own fur trim. Anyone done this before? I would love to see your work. Here are examples of this season's fur and trim from Anna Sui...

The unfortunate thing however, like my Rowan fetish, there are too many books to collect, and yarn prices are at a premium. Then there's the yarn collection that I swore I would never turn into an embarrassing hoard, and it isn't...if one could look past two average box full or one big box full. It's all how one looks at life. Positive or negative? Half yarn-box full or half yarn-box empty?

Happy knitting!