Thursday, August 14, 2014

Knit & Sew & Knit & Sew...

Head in the Clouds Cowl Pattern

As a cowl.
I couldn't resist sneaking in this little knitting project before starting on my sweaters. I just needed to feel like I could accomplish one more thing before the Fall projects.  I made something really wonderful with my son's purple Cloud by Cascade Yarn.  An extra treat was having a free pattern that used exactly two skeins of yarn to boot. You can get the free pattern HERE.

This is what the stitch pattern looks like. It's a cable and lace mix.

Hey...are you wondering what I'm sewing lately? I am knee-deep in the middle of this discontinued Donna Karan dress project.  I'm planning on using a piece of printed cotton that I picked up at Mood last month, and line it with a delicate cotton from Dharma Trading.

Vogue V1175
Muslin front
The neckline is way too low so I'm raising it. Unfortunately, it requires another muslin. This dress is already 2.5 yards not counting the lining.  I hate wasting fabric, so I'm going to do a partial muslin of just the neckline bits...if at all.  I really feel like just digging in because I'm adding fabric and not taking away. Worst case scenario, I just cut back down to the original pattern design.  Sigh. I'm still mulling it over. This little gal isn't going anywhere. More about it next week.
Neckline sits at nipple level. Ay Caramba! 
Back of the dress looks cute too.
Oh...I finally hacked off a foot of my hair. The locks had reached a ridiculous hip level. I just decided to cut it all off yesterday. I sort of miss my old hair.  It's a little shorter than I want but at least I don't look like a hippie mad woman anymore.  I guess it can always grow back.  BTW, all the pictures on this post are selfies except for the one where my back is facing you. I'm getting pretty darn good at finding that camera button using my extra-sensory index finger.  Happy Sewing!