Thursday, August 28, 2014

Give Up Knitting?

Of course I'm kidding...but seriously folks, I think I'm knitting-challenged.  Maybe that's putting it mildly. I wish all patterns were written for people like me. Step-by-step instructions, that tell me exactly what might happen if I forget to do something, and reminds me to count my stitches often. All patterns basically assume that I know how to knit fairly well, and that I will be able to figure things out when a stitch gets dropped, or when I suddenly find myself with too many or too few.

Enter my newest project...

Wimberry Vest Pattern from Little Cake by Louisa Harding.
My recent discovery of Louisa Harding patterns...many, many that I am drooling over. But at the same time dreading because almost every piece has some kind of lace knit involved. I abhor and LOVE lace patterns. They are the worst to unravel and fix when it comes to errors, and I have plenty. I suppose it's about time I drag my butt over to the yarn store and find myself a teacher who will save me from knitting hell.

This Wimberry vest pattern was published back in 2010 from a pattern book entitled Little Cake. Even though it's four years old, I think all the projects still look fresh and timeless. I do want to say that the slow start of this project was not entirely my fault. There are some real guage issues that I'm not taking responsibility for. I have purchased the exact Louisa Harding yarn, even the same color, and had it shipped all the way from Canada. I've tested the gauge and it measured out correctly. After knitting the little loop bottom for the tenth time, it came out too large every time. Not by a by six inches larger than the extra-large size. It was literally off the charts!

I found on Ravelry that I need to use smaller needles. I am now using a 3.5mm for the lace, which is about .5 smaller than what is originally indicated and based on the size chart, I am still three inches too wide from my intended size.  Argh!  What does this mean? It means that at the rate I'm going, the vest will still be two sizes too big when I'm done.  I'm asking myself, maybe this pattern only works in size extra small? Hmmm...back to the drawing board or give up on this pattern and try something else. After a week of not getting past the first 10 rows...I'm thinking the later.  Stay tuned.