Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sew-Away-My-Stash Tuesday - Updated!!!

See the pattern HERE

I just made this pattern again (for real this time), using fabric I purchased at Hart's Fabric earlier this year. It is bright (has yellow in it), and drapes beautifully. Even my daughter liked it, and wants to borrow it sometime.  What do you think? What a difference from my muslin which was a beast to sew with. I think the muslin can still be my beach cover-up. Which was what I intended for the fabric when I first bought it.

For this version, I added thin knit woven interfacing that I purchased from Fashion Sewing Supplies for the armhole facing. I don't think it's really necessary, but it does help keep its shape.  I made sure to measure the tie collar before sewing it in this time. I also shortened the blouse an inch so it could sit nicer on my hips without tucking it in. For the hem, I folded up one layer and straight stitched it, and then hemmed it another inch by hand. I think lighter fabrics drape better this way.

The second version took me about two hours to complete. It's nice to know that I can whip up one of these in an afternoon for every season.  Happy sewing!


I was really attracted to the color yellow this past Spring. Almost every piece of Spring/Summer fabric had some shade of it in there.  It was a part of my color palette and I had high hopes to get everything done before Fall. So I thought. Here I am in September still chipping away at my stash.

It's Wednesday in California, and it took me about four hours to complete this top from start to finish. I had to copy the pattern because the other view had sleeves, and I wanted the option of making it with sleeves later. The arm hole was different for this View B of the KWIK SEW pattern.

Here is is tied into a bow. I like the bow better.
This fabric is horrible to work with, and I almost threw the whole piece away when I got to the arm hole.  I knew it wouldn't be easy but I had hope that it would be one of those days that everything would just go perfectly smooth. But it didn't. Had I used a different fabric, I would have been finished in less than three hours.

Not only is it chiffon, there are tiny round plastic sequin glued onto the print. I don't know if you can see it in the photos.  I couldn't iron it without using a press cloth, and being polyester, the seams just never laid flat.  Pressing was painful and dangerous since I feared those plastic buggers might melt onto my iron.

I was going to make a swimsuit coverup with this fabric, but decided to test out this pattern before I use a nicer slippery fabric. I also played around with my rolled hem foot, which was shockingly easy to do with this ridiculous chiffon. I made a boo boo with cutting the front tie. I transferred the marking wrong, or the pattern is off. (I don't know because I haven't gone back to check the pattern yet.)  I recommend matching up the tie to the neckline before sewing the edges of the tie. I had to go back and unstitch some of the tie and repin it to match the notches on the corner. Unmatched seams in the front would be exposed and the casing in the front too short. I was going to make the casing wider, but the blouse is cut slightly at an angle at the front neckline, which would distort the shape where the tie inserts into the casing.

A quick note...this is my second KWIK Sew pattern, and I have to say that I really like the quality pattern paper, and generally easy and simple instructions.  I could never understand why the patterns were so much more expensive, but now I do. I also found with both pieces that the measurements and sizes were very realistic and I didn't have to do any adjusting. I think I'm going to collect more KWIK Sew patterns in the future.  They really save me a lot of time, even though they are a few dollars more.

Happy sewing your stash away too!