Saturday, May 4, 2013

All Things Frida Kahlo!

Frida Kahlo
Photo from Collectors Weekly Article
I have always been curious about Frida Kahlo. When her art exhibit landed in San Francisco a couple of years ago, I dragged my whole family to see her work. Looking at her in live photos, one would never guess that beneath her iconic wardrobe was an injured and disfigured body. Her paintings are disturbing and sometimes haunting with themes that reflected both her pain and desires. A single painting could inspire a whole story.

Inspired by one of the members of my Google Plus community who recently finished a two-piece outfit dedicated to Frida Kahlo, I suggested having a Frida sew off. It's kinda like a cook-off, except we're making clothes or accessories influenced by Frida. While Googling images of the artist, I stumbled upon a a recent article published in Collectors Weekly about my very topic: Frida Kahlo, the fashion icon. Few artist are remembered for their fashion sense. But how could we not focus on all those self-portraits and not wonder what Frida's closet looked like?

Well...look no further. Frida's closet has finally been opened and is an exhibit available for viewing.  Get a sneak preview of her wardrobe, and her fashion influences into commercial fashion designers by reading the article at Collectors Weekly.

The "Sewing on My Kitchen Table" Sew-Off officially starts tomorrow in tribute to Cinco de Mayo, and then ends on July 3rd when sewists will post their completed projects on the Google Plus community and honor their Frida influenced ensembles by wearing it to Independence Day.

Question to self: What's my inner Frida?