Friday, May 24, 2013

New Cutting Table -- It's For Real this Time!

Excuse the messy table. Oh, and did you notice it's new? This is from IKEA, from their Galant office line. This is the largest table they have, and it's a conference desk. It does have a built-in insert to manage cables, but I just keep it covered with the cutting mat, and there's no problem. The legs are adjustable to just about 34 inches in height. I'm short, so it works perfect for me. Taller folks might need to add height to the legs. The cost was around $230 plus tax.

Here are the dimensions: 76 3/4x43 1/4 "

Get more information about the IKEA table HERE.

Because the table comes as a separate piece, you can get shelves to put underneath instead of the legs. This works better if you're taller. I couldn't find shelves that were short enough at IKEA to make it fit my height. I originally wanted shelves, but I'll just have to look for the shelves another day.

Old padded cutting table with extension.

Cutting was difficult on the old table because the cutting mat did not lay flat. The padded table is great for ironing large pieces of fabric, and for hand cutting. You can also pin the fabric directly onto the table and keep everything from slipping and sliding around. I picked this table up for $40 off of Craig's list. It included an extension which made the table six feet long. The extension is unstable and required another table under it to keep it from falling off. This got annoying.  I'm keeping it as an extra ironing table now.

Another picture of my new cutting table with the IKEA drawers that I keep my supplies and cut patterns. Now I can utilize the table top to hold cutting supplies without taking up valuable space on the cutting table. The drawers are on wheels so I can move it around and it does fit nicely under the new table if needed. 
This table/desk has a lot of flexible uses. It can serve as a dining table, and be converted to a computer desk if needed. The best part is that it can be disassembled and stored flat.  So if you live in a small space, and need double-duty furniture, this piece might fit the bill.  Happy sewing!