Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vogue 8968 Summer Dress in Linen

I saw a similar pattern for this dress in one of my Japanese pattern books. But as of late I have not had the energy to transfer, adjust, sew, adjust, and sew again. I've perused my books, and dreamt about making a few more things...but the transferring feels like such a burden these days. I feel the same way about my Burda Patterns. I have probably a dozen of them in my online account that I haven't even printed up because I'm too overwhelmed to tape, make adjustments, add seam allowances, sew, make adjustments again, and sew again. Are you tired of reading this yet? Whine, whine, whine...

Enter Vogue 8968, an easy dress to sew in a day or two depending on your fabric choice. My fabric is linen and a recent acquisition from my friend Ali at our latest sewing stash event. This dress cuts loose...really loose. Made in a size large, this dress can fit a plus size, up to a size 22, which why I gave this dress to my sister for her birthday.

 The neckline really stretched out even after stay stitching, The facing was interfaced so it did not stretch. I had to create a small pleat at the neckline to fit the facing in. What I learned here is that I should have probably double stay stitched the neckline or added some kind of stabilizer like spray starch. Eh...I live and learn.
 I ran out of fabric for the bottom facing. I used some lightweight linen scraps from my poofy Vogue dress from last Summer. Worked out fine.

I made version "A" with the neck opening. I love these kind of necklines, but they can be super tricky to make with stretchy fabric. Stabilize, stabilize, stabilize!

The FAM (family still at home, which consists of my daughter and husband), did not like this dress. Everytime I sew something in a shade of light blue, my daughter calls it a hospital smock. My husband didn't like the cut of the long, pointy side panels. My husband's comments went like this:

Husband: What's wrong with this dress?
Me: Nothing.
Husband: Why does it look so wrinkled?
Me: Because it's a linen dress.
Husband: But no one knows it's linen...people will just think it's a wrinkled dress.
Me: I don't think anyone will really care.
Husband: It still looks wrinkled.

Happy sewing!