Sunday, April 26, 2015

Style Arc Elle Stretch Pants

This could be a two hour project if using the correct fabric.

First of all...I'm not supposed to be using a stretch denim or a stretch cotton. Neither of these fabrics have enough stretch...but I made them anyway. I sewed the pants three times before I got the size correct. To hide my pot belly, I brought the waist up super high. Big-Girl Pants!

Here's what I did... This is a snake metallic, stretch denim, and I love them. If you want to make these, you'll need to order a size up or two from the pattern, and pull the waist higher a couple of inches. But it could also look fine without. I have a bit longer torso so I prefer high waists when possible. I did not order a size up...I just graded the pattern. Measure! Measure! Measure! Remember if you've got a pot belly like mine, and a pancake tushie, then your front piece will curve slightly higher than the back. I think I could have tapered the ankles more...oh well, next pair then.

These are almost skinny jeans and less like leggings. It's a very forgiving fabric. Dress them up or down. 

Here's what it looks like on my dress form...the lighting is better, so you can see the metallic gold snake print. Isn't it cool? I bought this at the discount table at Joanns for $3 a yard (might have been less with the additional discount.) Another one of those amazing finds in a place I least expected. 

If you're using a pattern...make sure you match the grain exactly. I did it with this pair, and the striped one below. Any inch off, the design will run amuck.
Here's the other pair I made out of a lovely striped cotton stretch pants. It's a thicker cotton, and extremely comfortable. I made it out of the original size, so it was too small for me. I gave it to my daughter's friend. She loves them. The waistband pattern did not match, but no one sees that anyway. Look at the matchy matchy legs though. I wish I had more of this fabric, so I could make another pair for myself.

 This striped fabric was from Stone Mountain Fabrics in Berkeley. I purchased it about ten years ago. Still as lovely as the first day I bought it.

Here is the pattern in case anyone is interested in making these. They are super easy, but I recommend using the proper four-way stretch fabric necessary if you're keeping to your true size.  I feel like after converting this, I could grade any stretch fabric pattern to a semi-stretch.  Happy sewing!!!