Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let the Festivities Begin. This is a Frida Teaser But With Food.

Earl Grey Infused Cream Cake - Satura Bakery, Los Altos
We didn't have a barbecue for Fourth of July.  As much as I love grilled meat, it's just not in our family's diet anymore. I spent the holiday lounging around with my husband, and then we trekked over to Shoreline to watch some spectacular fireworks.

Today...which is Sunday, and technically, Frida Kahlo's birthday, I decided to make some Mexican food. This food stuff is just a teaser for tomorrows Frida Kahlo reveal. There's a handful of sewists participating, so don't forget to checkout the Google Plus Community site HERE.

Back to the food, I don't really know how authentic it all is, but I know that I'm not a big fan of the restaurant cooking here in California. I prefer eating Mexican food inside the home's of friends or my friend's parents. I have been spoiled since childhood I guess.

After a long hiatus from cooking any Mexican food...I drummed up a few dishes today. But before dinner, we decided to have dessert. (See slice of cake above. Yum.)  Hey...didn't you know that the best time to have dessert is before dinner?

Everything homemade and organic. 
Here's what was for dinner...Happy Birthday Frida!

On the menu from the top, clockwise:
- Garlic bok choy (Hey, there are Asians in Mexico too.)
- Tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime salsa
- Chipotle lamb stew (in the center)
- Handmade corn tortillas
- Fresh limes
- Spanish rice
- Refried Beans
- Sadly, the avocados are missing from photo.

Don't forget to check back at midnight, Pacific Time, to see the Frida post!!! Happy eating, sewing, and dreaming of flowers and chocolate!