Friday, June 6, 2014

Frida Kahlo 2014 Birthday Tribute - July 7th

When I'm supposed to be doing other things...I find myself wanting to work on crafts. I think there's this procrastination switch inside me that uses my ideas as a good excuse to stop working. You know they all sound so good at the time.  One of those big ideas is drumming up my Frida Kahlo tribute again. So far, no takers except my buddy from last year. She's such a trooper...and maybe the only other person that shares my fondness for Frida. Seriously? It can't be. 

So last night, I went to bed early, and then stayed up late. Do you ever do that? Blame my iPad...whatever...  I started reading posts from folks who cannot get into the LA Mood store. I didn't know there was an earthquake in April, did you? I live in California and I didn't hear about the Earthquake? Maybe I was in Asia at the time. 

Anyway...Mood's ceiling collapsed. It's still closed, even though its online store is alive and well.  After just purchasing a bunch of stuff from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics, I decided to poke around Mood to see what similar things they had. Bad idea. Of course I didn't buy anything...not yet...stuff is sitting in the cart waiting for me. I did not put this item in there because it was a dry-clean (Rayon viscose) only fabric, but the colors look great for my Frida challenge.  I mean can't you see it on Frida right now? 

Then I'm thinking, wouldn't this fabric be great paired up with this Satsuki Victory pattern? 

Except I would probably add the cut shoulders from this version of the same pattern, but keep the ruffle front on the other with no waist strap. I say go all out damn it!  Check out the pattern HERE.

I missed joining the Perfect Pattern Parcel when one of the Victory patterns was being offered. (REALLY sad face.) The current collection is expiring in seven days.  It includes the Bombshell Bathing suit this time around. If you've been itching for one, here's your chance to get it along with five others (depending upon your package). Who doesn't have $28 for six Indie patterns? I spend more than $10 on just one!  

What is Perfect Pattern Parcel you say?? Check them out HERE.
I seriously think that these pattern collections are the best deal in the world right now. If you sew with ANY Indie patterns at all...DO sign up. Not tomorrow...right now. 

Back to Frida...

Her birthday is July if you think you want to be a part of her tribute, then post your finished piece, and it can be ANYTHING. It's a tribute...not a costume party...but I suppose one could make it a costume party, and that would be plenty fun too. I'm thinking on the lines of...if she were alive today, what would she wear, or what about her inspires me... I think of vibrant colors and great big flowers...both of which I love, love, love!  

Oh your finished pieces at the Google+ Sewing on My Kitchen Table community. You can find us all HERE. Your prize will be knowing that Frida is looking down upon us from heaven and admiring all those beautiful colors.  Happy sewing!